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CROCS – Sole DXB – All play and a bit of work!

August 18, 2023 | 181 views

Designed for functionality and comfort – Crocs Pollex Clogs are the next best thing! Especially when designed by the famous Salehe Bembury, it wreaks havoc among the youth and some of us millennials who are shoe aficionados. 

Now imagine, if your Salehe Bembury Clogs are customized with the latest art by Maisoon Al Saleh along with kick-ass jibbitz! 

Mimicking the independent community-driven platform of Sole a leading voice for the youth and contemporary culture in the Middle -East – we played it cool with Crocs at Sole – DXB. 

Connecting with the Youth

Ideagram Concepts had the opportunity to design a one-in-a-million type of booth that spoke to the enthusiastic crowd that adorned the event. With the playful culture that came to life with on-site Basketball, Skateboarding, Roller-Skates, concerts, and more; the CROCS stall had to stand out from the rest. Trying to engage with the youth and their ‘goldfish-attention-span’ was the biggest challenge. We had to be able to connect with them in a way that the numerous other distractions at the event could not! 

Although a challenge, we decided to go simple and let the brand speak for itself. 

Maintaining the natural color of the chip wood material on the exterior of the booth; an 8ft tall Pollex Clog was the bate that reeled in walk-ins and customers. The large display of the brand name CROCS followed by the celebrity name Salehe Bembury called out to the crowd, just as we expected it to. The booth was made with sustainable and eco-friendly material and this time we used ‘chipboard’ that was reusable (a paperboard product that is made from recycled fiber that is a mix of post and pre-consumer recycled material). 

Image: Let the brand speak for itself! 
Image:8ft tall 3D printed and fabric painted detailed Pollex Clog display. 

Interactive Play

Further, the 12mts x 5mts space was divided into the display area and the customization lab. The display area spoke for itself as it shelved the world-famous clogs in a single color while the lab area had a world-class printer that printed Maisoon Ali’s art on the selected clogs and heat-dried it instantly for customers to walk out with. 

Image: Functional & Funky booth – Crocs Display and Customization Lab 

The idea behind the space was to captivate customers with the art of this young Emirati talent Maisoon Al Saleh and bring out the playful nature of the brand. 

The highlight of the evening was when the man responsible – Salehe Bembury walked in and engaged with people at the stall. Truly a people person, the crowd was excited to meet the man behind their favorite footwear and there was no stopping the sales from there on! 

Overall, a great experience for Ideagram Concepts, and a big shoutout to Crocs for trusting us with this unique opportunity. 

Side note: There is a thin line between overdoing a design and doing it just right! As creative designers, we often forget to draw the line and stop just to please the client. But as a team, we have realized that simplicity, sustainability, and socially viable designs often work the best(for the client). 

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