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Beginners guide to exhibition stands Dubai

July 20, 2023 | 187 views

Are you planning to organize your first expo in Dubai? Due to the extensive planning required, it may be tiring and stressful. Worry not! We have some amazing advice to help make your exhibiting experience less stressful and more pleasurable.

1. Tally all expenses

You will need to factor in additional costs in addition to the design and construction of your show stand in Dubai. All first-time exhibitors must keep this in mind. When establishing your exhibiting budget, it’s critical to account for all expenses, including shipping, stand rental, storage, setup, promotional materials, and other stand extras. You can pay the set price for each of these things. Additionally, request discounts.

2. Create long-lasting and healthy relationships

The key to success is creating relationships. You’ve undoubtedly developed close bonds with your own clients. This is crucial since they are the engine of the company. When you become a customer, it’s equally crucial to establish a good rapport with your show organizer and exhibition stand builder in Dubai. If you develop a close relationship with them, they might let you know first about any future events, exclusive deals, or discounts. You can construct a show stand in Dubai for a reduced price. After a great show, expressing your gratitude and saying “thank you” will go a long way toward solidifying your relationships.

3. Pay attention to due dates

Deadlines must be followed in order to avoid having your budget spiral out of control. If you miss a deadline for your next show or exhibition stand, your cost will immediately increase. The majority of show organisers provide both regular pricing and early bird discounts. Take control of planning and make calendars to stay on top of deadlines. deadlines Choose one employee from your firm to attend the meeting. If you’re shipping an exhibition stand, be careful to provide extra time in case of delays.

4. Have a backup plan

Even seasoned exhibitors occasionally require assistance from you to design their booth. Be specific and direct in stating what you expect from them. You can find inspiration from other booths if you’re running out of ideas. Additionally, you can go to other exhibitors and go to events. You need to have a Plan B in case certain things do not go according to schedule. Having a backup plan is essential to making sure your exhibiting experience is stress-free and everything goes as planned, even if you don’t need to utilize it.

A trade fair is a fantastic venue for showcasing your goods and services to other vendors. Exhibitors have the chance to talk to customers and learn about their needs at an exhibition. Exhibition promotes the company’s goods and services and aid in brand awareness. Ideagram has been delivering astonishing event designs and projects throughout GCC. Each event, exhibition, conference, or any special project is delivered with immense pride and exuberance. With an in-house team that can think out of the box and creates the most original ideas and strategic solutions, we confidently assure a wonderful experience for all our esteemed clients. We have ideators and event architects who create the best designs and select suitable bespoke entertainment options. Technicians to ensure faultless arrangements for staging and lighting and event managers to unfold a seamless experience for your brand.

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