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Upcoming Trend in Exhibition Industry – Naked-Eye 3D LED Display

September 14, 2023 | 165 views

Revolutionary OOH Marketing: The Naked-Eye 3D LED in display technology has gained significant attention in recent years due to its ability to captivate audiences and create memorable experiences. This upcoming Trend in the exhibition industry offers a unique way for exhibitors to showcase their products or services by presenting them in a visually striking and, engaging manner.

We have already witnessed its growth in the form of huge displays on commercial buildings and malls, however, naked-eye 3D LED technology is an emerging trend in the world of exhibitions too. Traditionally, 3D displays required specialized glasses to create the illusion of depth. However, with naked-eye 3D LED technology, viewers can enjoy stunning visuals with their own eyes, making it a more convenient and immersive experience.

By incorporating this cutting-edge technology into exhibition booths, businesses can attract more attention from visitors and leave a lasting impression. The naked eye 3D LED displays provide an opportunity for exhibitors to stand out from the competition and create a truly immersive environment that captures the imagination of attendees.

Technology of Naked-Eye LED

Primarily a holographic display, the Naked-Eye 3D LED allows 3D images to be viewed without any glasses or other devices. Designed with multi-view technology (where an onlooker can view the 3D image from all angles, irrespective of where they are standing),  3D displays are of namely 7 different types: 

1. Lenticular Displays: Placement of thin lenses over the display screen, this display comes with limitations. Such as blocking the light from different angles while creating poor display. 

2. Stereoscopic Displays: 2 images are displayed by combining a polarized filter, autostereoscopic displays, and shutter glass. Unfortunately, this type of display is often recorded to cause eye strain.

3. Autostereoscopic Displays: Widely used for entertainment, gaming, and advertising; this glass-less display uses Lenticular Lenses and Parallax Barriers to showcase a 3-dimensional look. 

4. Parallax Barriers Displays: A parallax effect is created in the image by using Linear strips, distributed between light and black that control the direction of light transmission, thereby creating a 3D optical illusion. This is often used in smartphones and gaming devices. 

5. Volumetric Displays:  In simple terms, a 3-dimensional display is created by projecting light on a rotating screen that creates a holographic wavefront that is very accurate, thus making the display captivating for onlookers. Perfect for Outdoor advertising or open events that attract a large population of viewers.

6. Holographic Displays: Here, laser beams are used to create a 3D display. 

7. Light Field Displays: One of the most interesting forms of 3D displays is Light Field Displays; here light rays record and recreate highly accurate images from a scene with depth and perspective. As a result, onlookers can view the same from different angles. Although high-end equipment is required for this to work perfectly, there is no shortage of skilled people whose expertise lies in this very field. 

In conclusion, although there is a myriad of online materials that is available for you to learn and understand the technology of the Naked-Eye 3D Display – it is best to leave the technical part for the design agency to figure out. While you concentrate on how beneficial it will prove for you in propelling your brand forward. 

Just imagine, in a large exhibition space where competitors are fighting for that 5-second attention of walk-ins and attendees – you will not only be able to capture their attention, but also create a lasting impression with the interactive experience! 

So, let’s plan your next exhibition! 

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