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Sustainable & Interactive Design for NCM 

July 31, 2023 | 185 views

We are often asked by prospective clients to showcase our previous work, and questions of Sustainability are often raised along with cost. Once they are satisfied comes the following stage of ideation through brainstorming and understanding the brand that we are to exhibit. The entire process is easier when the product to be exhibited is a tangible one, that is meant for mass use and can be portrayed in so many different ways. 

The challenge however is when you have to create a design for a brand that is working for the greater good! A brand that requires the common people to be aware of their services and how it is beneficial for them. 

A booth design that mirrors an educational purpose rather than generating leads is a tough one. 

But, if you are in the event industry or you have exhibited your brand before, you already know the process! 

So we are going to jump right into how we tailor-made a booth for the National Center of Meteorology (NCM) to highlight cloud seeding, water preservation, and rain enhancement. 

When NCM approached us with their service (that is to be showcased at the WETEX event), straight off the bat we wanted to try something that had never been seen before – mimicking the less-known technology of cloud seeding and rain enhancement in the UAE.  Fortunately, they agreed with us on all our ideas and were ready with the go-ahead! (very few times it happens that a client agrees with your idea in the first meeting). 

The key feature of this design was sustainability. We wanted to create a booth that was in tandem with NCM’s services – providing solutions for a better environment in the country and tackling issues of water scarcity with cloud seeding at WETEX. 

The futuristic 11m x 8m stand captivated walk-ins with the use of a hologram that displayed the process of could seeding through an animated sequence and a 3D view through a glass prism. The LED touchscreen took center stage along with a Motion Aircraft creating an interactive interface educating visitors about the process. 

The materials used in making the booth included MDF with roller paint, reusable printed Fabric for the ceiling that depicted the clouds, and reusable plastic. The lights and the furniture were also reusable and reclaimed. 

Days before the event the Ideagram team did a mockup of the booth at the warehouse before dismantling it and transporting everything to the venue. Working round the clock in 2 days the stall was ready for the event. 

NCM witnessed a large footfall of visitors and in all the event was a success!

However, another important step remained – dismantling and recycling the booth. When we say sustainable solutions for your event, we mean until the end.  

The MDF structure was disposed to dust and all moveable items were sent for reuse to our warehouse. The AV was returned to the vendor. The wall and the flooring were also sent back for future use. We do believe that we should all work together and reduce environmental footprints leaving behind a greener and cleaner world for future generations.

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